<h2>Tο Faragi</h2> <h2>Traditional Cretan Tavern</h2> <h2>Tο Faragi</h2>
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Tο Faragi | Traditional Cretan Tavern

At our traditional tavern "Tο Faragi" you can enjoy daily a variety of local recipes, appetizers, dishes of the day, as well as cooked food that we cook with care and taste.

All the meals you will taste at our tavern are local, all on the grill. Rich flavors accompanied by seasonal salads offer you an unforgettable enjoyable dining experience.

Some of the specialties we serve are:

 chicken broth
 split peas
 simmered or sauted greens
 beand in tomato sause
 lamb in the oven
 lamb tsigariasto
 rabbit stew
 rabbit with oregano
 pork with celery
 snails in tomato sause
 snails boubouristi
 stuffed vegetables
 stuffed aubergine with cheese mix
 traditional sausage
Our tavern draws and supports the qualities of Cretan products, bringing them through its kitchen,
flavors and aromas, but above all Cretan tradition and hospitality.