<h2>Tο Faragi</h2> <h2>Traditional Cretan Tavern</h2> <h2>Tο Faragi</h2>
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About us
Το Faragi Traditional Cretan Tavern

"Real Crete" continues to exist, where rural culture and non-tourism remain a way of life. Situated around the old church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, with its 600 years old frescoes, lies the village of Delianes, next to the rare beauty and wildlife, the homonymous gorge.

In the center of the village there is our tavern "Το Faragi", which every day hosts locals and tourists from all over the world and we offer them homemade cooked food, which is served by our family.

Try authentic Cretan recipes and accompany your meal with local wine, in a place surrounded by the greenery of nature and inspired by the traditional patterns of our country.

The history of the taste is interwoven with the quality, the cleanliness, the taste and the traditional flavors that have been kept intact, as well as the sense of hospitality of our family that created this traditional tavern.

This is a rare opportunity to experience Cretan hospitality and as long as you are here, take a walk in the gorge where the vultures will accompany you. If you visit our village you will definitely want to come back.

We are waiting for you at our tavern to taste our unique tastes and make sure you have a pleasant, traditional and unique meal with your family or friends.